Groundwater Guardian is a program of The Groundwater Foundation that provides support and encouragement for communities and teams of all types (cities, counties, watersheds, organizations, agencies, schools, etc.) to begin groundwater awareness activities, motivation to continue these efforts, and recognition for their achievements.

Groundwater Guardians can be anywhere there are people interested in groundwater!

Groundwater Guardian logo

Groundwater Guardian Benefits

By becoming involved in the Groundwater Guardian program, you will be part of a network of communities and organizations acting locally and having a global impact.

As a Groundwater Guardian, you will benefit by having access to:

A Framework for Location Action

Groundwater Guardian team eventThe real work of groundwater education and protection takes place on the local level. By beginning or enhancing your groundwater education and protection efforts with a strong local team and a clear framework for action, Groundwater Guardians can be successful right from the start. Groundwater Foundation staff is available to coach you through the process of building and maintaining a Groundwater Guardian team and adopting successful groundwater education and protection activities.

Lessons Learned

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel! Teams who enter Groundwater Guardian learn from the experiences of those their peers. New Groundwater Guardians can learn how others have organized to take action and be effective, as well as learn from past successes and challenges. Groundwater Guardian provides you with a variety of networking opportunities to learn from others and make your groundwater education and protection efforts stronger. Team members can connect with other Groundwater Guardians through Facebook, blogs, newsletters, and The Groundwater Foundation’s National Conference.


Participants in the Groundwater Guardian National Designation CelebrationEach year, Groundwater Guardians are recognized nationally by The Groundwater Foundation for the work they do to educate the public and protect groundwater. The Groundwater Foundation celebrates the accomplishments and showcases the work of these extraordinary teams. Designation notices are also sent to local media (if desired) and others (city councils, county boards, etc.).

  • Earning Groundwater Guardian status sets your community apart. It helps validate your efforts and draws positive attention for groundwater-related work that is all too often overlooked or taken for granted. You can never underestimate the power of saying “thank you” for a job well done!

Incentives to Continue Activities Year After Year

To be successful, groundwater education and protection must be ongoing. While the specific nature of the activities may change from year to year, the action itself must continue so groundwater is consistently recognized as an integral part of a community’s way of life. Designation as a Groundwater Guardian helps to ensure that continued progress is made on your community’s groundwater education and protection activities.


The Groundwater Foundation provides Groundwater Guardians with various materials, information, and opportunities, including assistance kits; subscriptions to The Groundwater Foundation’s publications and newsletters, including a monthly program-specific newsletter, The Aquifer and Recharge Report; an exclusive, numbered plaque to commemorate their designation; special invitations to participate in Groundwater Foundation events and projects; personalized news releases distributed to local media; discounted or free access to Groundwater Foundation events; and a 10% discount on Groundwater Catalog products.

Visual Recognition

Groundwater Guardian logoGroundwater Guardians also have the right to use the official Groundwater Guardian logo. Using the Groundwater Guardian logo with your education and protection activities helps to create a visual identity to promote groundwater protection work in your community. Designated Groundwater Guardians can request the logo by emailing or calling 1-800-858-4844. Note: The use of the Groundwater Guardian logo is reserved only to communities currently participating in the Groundwater Guardian program.

You, Too, Can Be a Groundwater Guardian!

Concerned about groundwater resources in your community?

Are you looking for ways to promote groundwater awareness that makes a positive difference in attitudes?

How can your volunteer time and effort protect groundwater?

If you have pondered questions such as these and desire to directly impact your community, then you should seriously consider mobilizing like-minded citizens to form a Groundwater Guardian Team.

Forming a Groundwater Guardian Team

Teams may come from service organizations, water systems, civic groups, school districts, industry, recreational facilities, and more, and should represent a spectrum of perspectives — i.e., education, government, stakeholder, business. Recruit your team members — at least four — determine your activity, or activities, to make a difference and then apply.

You and your team members will be recognized for your efforts and your activities will be shared to inspire others to act.

The Groundwater Guardian status is valid for one calendar year beginning on January 1 and ending December 31 of that same year. (Applications submitted at any point after January 1 through December 1 of the subject year are treated as the full subject year.) The application fee for Groundwater Guardians is $100 annually.

Please use this Groundwater Guardian Team First Time Application to submit your application and fee.

Groundwater Guardian forms serve several purposes. They provide Groundwater Guardian teams with a framework and tools to get organized, plan activities, and track progress made. They also provide Groundwater Foundation staff with information to prepare Groundwater Guardian Profiles, both online and in print.

Annual Entry Package

Reports are due each year for teams designated the previous year. Includes the entry form, fee form ($100), and results-oriented activity (ROA) plan form. The Annual Entry Package provides basic contact information, as well as information about the community, service area, participants, and planned activities.

Please note that NEW teams may submit at any time — click here for the details and to access the Groundwater Guardian Team First Time Application.

See what Groundwater Guardians across the United States are doing in their communities. Groundwater Guardians implement a variety of activities, from youth water festivals to wellhead protection ordinances to pharmaceutical take back programs.

Get ideas for your own local groundwater education and protection activities, and become a Groundwater Guardian today!

Key Program Dates and Deadlines

Mark your calendars and keep your Groundwater Guardian team on time and on track by noting these important dates.

The Groundwater Guardian program designation is now structured on a calendar year.

  • New teams may enter the program at any time in the calendar year by submitting the appropriate forms. Those who enter the Groundwater Guardian Program at any time after January 1 must submit the renewal forms for that year by the December 31 deadline!
  • December 31: Renewal deadline for continuing Groundwater Guardians. Current Groundwater Guardians must submit the following forms: Annual Entry Form, Team List, and activity plans by December 31. (See forms in tab above)
  • December 31: Annual reports due for all Groundwater Guardians. All Groundwater Guardians working for current year designation need to submit their Annual Reports and renewal fees to The Foundation by December 31.

News Release Template

Use this release as a follow-up to the initial news release sent by The Groundwater Foundation in the fall to announce your Groundwater Guardian designation. Be sure to include specific information about your team and its activities, and any plans you have to celebrate your designation locally.

Use the Groundwater Guardian Logo

The Groundwater Foundation strongly urges each Groundwater Guardian team to maximize the use of the distinctive Groundwater Guardian name and logo as they develop local activities. Identifying each activity or service with the Groundwater Guardian logo is a huge benefit of the program, maximizing the visibility of your work and raising groundwater awareness throughout your community.

As a Groundwater Guardian, consider proudly displaying the Groundwater Guardian logo on your own promotional materials, such as:

  • Team, city, or organization website and email signature lines
  • Social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, LInkedIn and more
  • Banners, flags, and signs
  • T-shirts, hats, tote bags
  • Posters, brochures and event displays
  • Newsletters, magazines, newspaper articles, event progams, and advertisements
  • Pens, pencils, water bottles, certificates, and other giveaway items

See the Groundwater Catalog for products exclusively for Groundwater Guardians!

Use of the Groundwater Guardian logo is strictly reserved to currently designated Groundwater Guardians only.

Questions? See our Copyright Policy.

Request the Goundwater Guardian Logo

Please call us at 1-800-858-4844 or email to request a digital copy of the Groundwater Guardian logo. Please be sure to include your name, email address, and the name of your designated Groundwater Guardian team in your request.

Groundwater Guardian Catalog Items

Use these items to share your designation as a Groundwater Guardian!
Road Sign
Lapel Pin

Share Your Groundwater Guardian Activities!

Share the successes, challenges, and lessons learned with your Groundwater Guardian activities with your peers. Complete and submit the case study questionnaire to

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